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Flood waters wipe crops 

(by Bishop Martin NYABOHO, Makamba Diocese-Burundi)

A secular person was commenting on the recent floodwaters in Burundi and said:

“During the 12 years of civil war, people perished by gunfire, bombs, grenades leaving dust and smoke throughout the country. Now people are perishing by floodwaters including the already buried ones who were found floating on the surface of water at Mpanda cemetery”.

When I invited my Christians to pray to the Almighty God who is in control of the creation and the ecosystems, one shouted as he prayed: “Oh Merciful God, protect us from the floodwaters as you’ve protected Noah and his extended family”.

March, April and May have been months of unusual heavy rains which have caused many damages in different parts of the country. Crops mainly bananas , rice and beans were wiped out. The expected good harvest will not take place this summer and the people would have to suffer from the famine if organisations such as World Food Programme and others missed to intervene.

Constructions, mainly houses, unroofed churches, schools like that one of Buheka county and bridges have been destroyed. The road from Makamba to Bujumbura Capital city is not practicable, travellers have to go through Matana to reach Bujumbura, that means journeying 110 more miles and adding over 30 % to the usual ticket.

It was noticed in the public cemetery of Mpanda that dead and buried bodies were floating on water early May. They need to be reburied. We call upon our partners to keep us in their daily prayers as we go through this painful situation caused by heavy rains. The negative impact is great.

Bishop Martin NYABOHO

Diocese of Makamba.