November 2006

Heavy Rains Hit Makamba

A few months ago, the people of Makamba were wondering whether the Creator of the Universe would not supply the rain in this Fall. Prayers and supplications have been made not only in the churches but also in the private houses. Being the most fertile areas in Burundi, Makamba is one of the most productive regions in the country as long as the climates favour the labourers.

On our unexpectations, heavy rains are now hitting Makamba very hardly causing great losses in both crops and human resources. Tomatoes, beans, vegetables, sweet potatoes and other crops have been wiped out in the valleys while three people have passed away drowned in Mutsindozi River. We were still mourning for other four people who were hit by powerful lighting and thunder in early October 2006.

The economic impact is clear: famine, hunger, and starvation would occur in a near future. 

Prayers and interventions. Please!!

Rt Rev Martin Blaise NYABOHO
Bishop of Makamba Diocese.