Severe Flooding

January 2007

Floods claim more damages in Makamba

Violent floods have wiped out crops and plantations in the flat lands of Nyanza-Lac within the Diocese of Makamba.

On the eastern side of Kayogoro Commune, over 260 houses have been reported to be destroyed because of the heavy rains which still hit not only Makamba but also most of the national territory.

The Provincial Director of Agriculture and animal husbandry, Mrs Leonie Ndayegamiye, has this to comment:

“We are witnessing an unbelievable climatic change that has damaged the crops, cassavas, bananas, potatoes, beans, cabbages and other edible vegetations. The impact will be obviously severe because the population will have to face famine, hunger and starvation. We appeal to generous people, organisations such as FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation), WFP (World Food Programme), to provide food and new seeds to assist the population now that they fear the challenge of the future.”

On January 11th, 07 the National Radio Correspondent based in Makamba, Mr Aloys Ndayizeye, has reported to the State Radio, that the heavy rains have destroyed not only our environment but intend also to destroy the main bridges of Mutsindozi River and Buyezi River. If such event may happen Makamba urban centre would be isolated from the common traffic which would make the people to suffer more.

As a Diocesan Bishop, it is my prayer and request that generous people should intervene to feed, clothe and shelter a big number of our people who are now suffering because of these heavy rains.

            Yours sincerely

Bishop Martin Blaise NYABOHO

Makamba Diocese.