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If you do not have a PDF document reader installed on your computer, a free download is available by following this link

2016 February Climate Change and Makamba Diocese

2015 December Christmas Letter from Bp. Martin 

2015 July Thoughts at Election Time

2015 May Letter from Bp. Martin to Prayer Partners

2015 May attempted Coup

2015 February Floods

2012 March Women's Day

2011 September

2010 September

2010 September Makamba Fire (a PDF File)

2010 August (a PDF File)

2010 March (a PDF File)

2009 November-December (a PDF File)

2009 September (a PDF File)

2009 July (a PDF File)

2009 May (a PDF File)

2009 February (a PDF File)

Please note that a circular begging letter from "Pastor Joseph David M" on 29 January 2009 was fictitious and should NOT be replied to.

2009 January A Letter from Bishop Martin

2008 November Makamba Tidings (a PDF File)

2008 April

2008 March Easter Message

2008 March

2008 January A Letter from Bishop Martin

2007 December Special Message

2007 November

2007 August  & Mothers' Union Heritage

2007 July 

2007 May - June

2007 April Newsflash Lightning deaths 

2007 February-March

2007 January - Floods

2006 December

2006 November MU Visit

2006 November Floods

2006 November Death Notice 

2006 September Extra

2006 August (2)

2006 August

2006 May - Prayer Request Regarding Floods

2006 April

2006 March

2006 January - February

2005 December

2005 October - November

2005 September

2005 August


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