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Press Release July-September 2005
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MATANA NEWS : July-September 2005.

During these last months, we in the diocese of Matana continued to experience the joys and challenges of our ministry. In July our Bishop became the Primate of the Anglican Church of Burundi, the country got its first post-transition government and all parishes have been busy with renewal conventions (ibikorane). We thank God for His faithfulness.


The Archbishop is about to finish his confirmation visits. Given the many commitments he has, he usually gathers two or three Parishes so he may end the confirmation season at the right time. In his sermons, he insists on knowing and practicing what we believe, that is, not merely learning by heart the Christian beliefs but applying them thorough our daily lives and be ready to withstand heretical teachings. Thus the Archbishop’s remarks focus on the Triune God and the work of each of the three Persons of the Holy Trinity. He also notices PRAYER and READING the Bible, as the two means by which we talk with God and know his will, which is crucial in a Christian life.


The work of renovating the Bible School is progressing positively. What a nice building! We are grateful to CMS-Ireland and to the Anglican Communion Fund who provided the funds for this work. May God bless them.
The two schools still have some unachieved issues. On the one hand, there is need to review and adapt the curriculum of the Bible school to the present situation, on the other hand the Institute still lacks candidates from all Dioceses, except those from MATANA Diocese. It is time to break new grounds for the two institutions. 
The Diocese plans to ordain priests and deacons in December. Please pray for this time.


The M.U in collaboration with TEE and Fight against AIDS have started a micro-credit scheme. This consists of giving goats to needy people, when the goat gives little ones; they are given to another person in the association. It is another kind of a revolving fund.
The same initiative is done with cows but also grinding mills. A needs assessment and capacity evaluation is done before giving cows, goats or grinding mill.
The youth Office, in collaboration with the Department of Woman, Family and HIV/AIDS (FFS) of the National Counsel of Churches (CNEB), has started building a diocesan multipurpose Centre. The Centre will include a hall capable to hold at least 500 people and will most especially serve for teaching the youth in the areas of fighting AIDS and peace and reconciliation. MU will have rooms also for listening and helping the traumatised (cf MU Humura Centre). There will be facilities to host seminars and workshops. Those are the plans that need prayers to be realised.
The MU Literacy programme is carrying out an initiative that has contributed to the transformation of the community. They are expecting a visit from MU Worldwide: Mrs Barbara Lawes and Naomi this month.
Though the Diocese is involved in providing houses and shelter to the IDPs and returnees, the challenge is enormous.


-Pray for 2006 diocesan youth conference in preparation on a diocesan level, but hopefully on a provincial/national level-The youth office has also finished elaborating its Three Year Strategic Plan (2005-2008). Pray for its implementation.
-Pray for the leadership training institutions, especially for the future and orientation of the Theological Institute.
-Micro-finance/credit programmes as a new way to “Make Poverty History”.
- More peace in the country, Government/FNL peace negotiations.
-During these days of Recovery, pray that the Church my make a difference in her Witness.


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