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, 2006


The Diocese is collecting food supplies to assist victims of hunger in the north - eastern provinces of Burundi .

More than 5 tons of maize and bean grains are expected to be distributed by mid April.

The Diocese also assisted the disaster victims through its programme of reconstruction. A hundred houses were built in Rutana Province (in RUKOBE, BUKEMBA and KAYOVE areas)


In February and March, for three days each week, a team led by Rev. Pat and Pam Brooks visited the five Archdeaconries in Matana Diocese. Pat Brooks taught from Paul’s first letter to Timothy with a stress on the way of discipleship for pastors and church teachers.

Pam Brooks distributed many pairs of reading spectacles to those who needed them.

Miranda Bowen and Eularie RIBAKARE gave vivid lessons on AIDS and how to relate to those suffering from the disease. Drama, in which local people participated, brought this to life.

We praise God for the great work of Pat and Pam Brooks, our friends, missionaries, and the team. These days spent together encouraged all of us in our witness for Christ.



This year our Lent gatherings focused on the challenge to all of us to ponder on the death of Jesus Christ (Luke 23:44 -49). In his suffering Jesus set an example for us to apply in our daily lives. As the Church of Christ we have to show compassion to those in affliction (street children, prisoners, and widows and widowers, orphans …) so as to fulfil our call to be servants of Christ.

We praise God for people who were freed from smoking, witchcraft and other chains of bondage by committing their lives to Christ during these times.


The provincial youth gathering took place 17th – 21st April 2006 at the Lycée of Matana. The meeting involved secondary school students and university students. They received teaching on the theme of “Youth for Peace in Burundi ”. The participants left the event to work with their committees teaching sustainable peace within the community in general and in youth circles in particular.

We are grateful to the World Council of Churches (WCC) for providing the means to run the meeting.

As a follow-up, our Diocesan Youth Department is preparing a youth gathering that will probably take place 2nd – 6th August 2006.


-         Praise God with us for the abundant rain all over the country.

-         Mr KABURENTE Berchmans, the father of our Archbishop, died on Friday 17th March 2006 , at the age of 92. We give thanks for his life and witness. Pray also with us for his family.

-         Pray with us for the many commitments our Bishop, the Most Revd. Bernard NTAHOTURI, has both within and outside the Anglican Church of Burundi.

-         Pray with us for the forthcoming youth gathering.

-         Given the continuous loss of our old Christians who knew the history of our Church, Rev J. Paul NEMERIMANA has taken the initiative to write on the history of the Anglican Church of Burundi from its beginnings up to now. He needs prayers and support for this work.