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January, 2007
Diocese of Matana, Eglise Anglicane du Burundi, DS 30, Bujumbura, Burundi, Africa

MATANA NEWS January 2007

Diocese of Matana, Eglise Anglicane du Burundi, DS 30, Bujumbura, Burundi, Africa

The end of last year was marked by a wonderful church ministry in many ways: Mothers Union Literacy Development Programme (MULDP) has been evaluated, a Refresher Course for all Pastors has taken place and orphans and those living with HIV/AIDS continue to be supported.

MULDP Evaluation

In November, Matana Diocese was honoured to welcome Naomi Herbert, Central Programmes Officer from Mary Sumner House, who came with a team drawn from Uganda and UK, to evaluate the Literacy Programme activities not only in our Diocese, but throughout the Anglican Province of Burundi. The work of Claudette Vyizigiro and Jacqueline Kagene was greatly praised and the impact of the programme in our Diocese was seen to be most effective in the following areas: literacy skills; increase in women’s awareness of gender issues; improvement in learners’ daily lives and readiness for a post-literacy programme situation.

Murango Primary School

The Diocese is participating in the Worldwide Millennium Goals and one of our current activities is to invest in Primary Education. Under the guidance of the diocesan Development Department, a new school for 600 pupils has been built at Murango, near Matana Commune. We are grateful for funding from the NCA for this project.

The Diocese plans to build another primary School at Gatohowe, in the south of the Diocese.

Refresher Course for Pastors

All the Pastors in the Diocese came, in two groups, to attend one of the two Refresher Courses that took place in November and December. Five areas of church ministry were identified for Bible-based teaching and discussion: Liturgy (and how it evolves with culture); Effective Leadership; Management and Stewardship of resources; Doctrine; Pastoral Ethics (as applied to our current, national situation). Our prayer is that these courses will result in increased hope and a renewal of our sense of mission.





Goats being distributed to 15 orphan families at Mutangaro

Support for Orphans

The Department for HIV/AIDS has been developing a database of orphans in Matana Commune. With gifts from the UK, before the start of the school year in September, they were able to distribute school materials to over 300 orphans as well as school uniforms to the most needy. 

The wife of our Diocesan Bishop, Mme Mathilde Nkwirikiye brought American visitors from an organisation “Allow the Children” to meet a group of orphans for whom it may be possible to find sponsorship to help with their school and daily needs.

People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWA)

A monthly meeting is held at Matana for this group, to receive Bible teaching, share news, information and encouragements and to pray together. A small group of these women is learning how to make bead necklaces from calendars and magazine covers, as an Income Generating Project.

Heavy Rain

Like the whole of East Africa, our Diocese and the entire country of Burundi has been inundated with heavy rain in the last months. This has resulted in destruction of foodstuffs that were ready to be harvested in the valleys; ruination of houses and new buildings; poor growth in the crops that were planted in September; loss of life; hunger and poor health. Please pray for the rain to reduce and for the sun to help the crops to grow. Please pray for those who have been bereaved and suffered other problems caused by the rain.

Christmastide & Hope for the New Year

Congregations all over the Diocese were encouraged to renew their commitment to receive the infant Lord Jesus and, as John the Baptist said (Jn 3:30), to let Him become greater in their lives. Our hope for the New Year is that we shall be able to improve our communications with our friends and partners, especially with those of you who receive Matana news! We wish you God’s richest blessing for 2007!

  • For the Pastors’ Refresher Courses and the evaluation taking place in February
  • For the completion of Murango Primary School
  • For the good work done by the MULDP 
  • For the support given to the People Living With AIDS and orphans
  • For our Bishop, Archbishop Bernard Ntahoturi in his many commitments
  • For the leaders of our Government
  • For a reduction in the rain and for those who suffer because of too much rain
  • For effective church mission in our Diocese
  • For the improvement of our national economy
  • For the recent re-organisation of Diocesan Structures and the new Senior Management Team 
  • For Rev. Vincent Ndayimbona who takes over as full time Director of the Provincial Institute of Theology and Rev. Seth Ndayirukiye who has been appointed as Diocesan Secretary