, 2007
Diocese of Matana, Eglise Anglicane du Burundi, DS 30, Bujumbura, Burundi, Africa

Although times of sorrow still happen, the Diocese of Matana goes on celebrating the goodness of the Lord, and this has been one of the greatest moments of joy.


We were glad to welcome our friends, William Challis and Mrs Felicity Maclay, the former being one of the lecturers of the old ‘’Ecole Théologique de Matana’’, now the Theological Institute of the Anglican Church of Burundi, and the latter, the wife of Andrew Maclay, another former lecturer at the same Institute.

They were followed by a team from the US and Uganda (including Dr Carrie Miles, Mrs Patti, Revd Medad Birungi and Pastor Frank), who came with teachings and testimonies on the unity and fellowship that ought to be between husband and wife, so as to ‘’rescue marriage from the economics of a fallen world’’ .

The teachings actually focused on the ‘’Redemption of love’’, a book written by Dr Miles.

The many teachings given and especially Medad’s testimony, revitalised the new revival that began some months ago within Matana Christian homes and church, especially among the young people.


Partnership does not merely make people know each other, it implies their intimacy and mutual support, which is the case between our Diocese and its friends around the world.

Thus, a group of 36 people, composed of 8 pastors and 28 senior choir members, travelled to Butare Diocese , Rwanda , on 16 February. The journey was a witness to our long standing friendship, and we had a wonderful time there.

The Sunday service was honoured by the presence of the Bishop of Kibungo Diocese, Rt Revd Josias SENDEGEYA, a former member of Matana Diocese.

We were glad to feel a deep spiritual warmth among the people we visited.

But on speaking of friendship, we can’t go without underscoring the sad news of separation, that is, the departure of our dear friends, Revd Roger and Miranda Bowen, who returned home.

In view of a ministry well done by the Bowens, Roger was made Canon of St Peter’s Cathedral on 25 of March.

We pray that God will continue to bless them in their future ministry.


As Lent is known as a time when believers are challenged to ponder on their response to the sacrificial work of Christ, our Diocese has focused the paschal message on Isaiah 58, as a means to call each and every one for a true fasting, especially in the Burundi context.


Revd Can. Timothy NGENDANZI, one of the first converts (baptised in 1939) after the first CMS Missionaries came to Matana, went to be with the Lord on March 17th, aged 85.

The whole Church of Burundi praise the Lord for Timothy’s ministry and will always remember his genuine commitment to the Gospel and to the Body of Christ.

Prayers are requested for his widow Edyrose and family.


In most churches, Palm Sunday is the opportunity for children to sing ‘’Hosanna’’ and meditate on Jesus’ Triumphal Entry in Jerusalem on a donkey.

This has been the case in Matana Cathedral, when all the children gathered and celebrated Jesus’ majesty with their songs and dances.

The celebrations ended with a get-together party that was blessed by the participation of our Archbishop Bernard Ntahoturi.


 Praises for:

·        The healing of Revd Pat Brooks

·        The new Revival in our Church

·        The ministry well done by Revd Can. Roger and Mrs Miranda Bowen

Prayers for:

·        Our old believers, in their old age.

·        The bereaved family of late Timothy NGENDANZI

·        The Anglican Communion in all the struggles it is experiencing

·        The bereaved, homeless, and disowned because of the heavy rain whose aftermath is a terrible hunger, deaths and home destructions

·        The hungry, and all Pastors/Church ministers running church ministry in times of plight

·        The completion of peace agreement between the Government and PALIPEHUTU/FNL, the remaining fighting rebellion.