, 2007
Diocese of Matana, Eglise Anglicane du Burundi, DS 30, Bujumbura, Burundi, Africa

As we come to the end of year 2007 and celebrate the start of 2008, we are grateful for God’s blessings and remain focused on the ministry of the proclamation of the Good News in words and deeds.


Simultaneously with the confirmation services, the new archdeacons’ installation ceremonies took place in seven of the eight archdeaconries that make the diocese of Matana, except Gifunzo whose archdeacon is still unchanged. Large, colourful and enthusiastic crowds attended the installation services. 
The diocese of Matana is made of eight archdeaconries which are: Matana led by Rev HABIMANA Fidèle (dean of Matana cathedral), Bururi led by Rev MANIRAKIZA Etienne, Gifunzo with Rev NYAKANA Jacques, Muramba with Rev NDAYIRUKIYE Seth (the diocesan secretary), Mutangaro with Rev BUGANAHE Bénoît, Rweza with Rev MANIRAKIZA Emmanuel, Tagara with Rev SINZOYIHEBA Naaman, and Timbura under the leadership of Rev NITANGA Athanase.


The diocese of Matana, through the projects department in collaboration with TEARFUND, has started a pilot health-nutrition project in Buyengero commune. The 142 beneficiaries so far identified received groundnut and soya seeds. Now that the planting work has ended, they are being taught how to make groundnut and soya porridge. This is good for the malnourished children.
This health and nutrition project will be accompanied by an HIV and AIDS programme in the same area. 
Buyengero commune has been chosen for this because it has been badly struck by the civil war, and the heavy rains have worsened the situation by destroying houses and fields.


Within the provision of the Education agreement that the church has signed with the Government, the Diocese has a programme of rehabilitating and reconstructing primary schools. The work of building Gatohwe Primary School has already begun. 
Hopefully the school will be completed in June 2008, and ready to welcome the school children in September of the same year.
We are grateful for funding from Irish Aid through CMSI and Lambeth Palace.
Another project in progress is the building of the diocesan youth and M.U trauma healing centre to be called the Humura centre (see photo). 
The diocese is working hard to complete at least part of the edifice next year. 


Church choristers throughout the diocese presented wonderful Christmas carols to celebrate the new born King of kings; and this undoubtedly is going on in the whole church worldwide.
The burning issue, based on our community context, is to ponder how Barundi have welcomed and been transformed by the Good News, regarding the plight of our country.
Thus the Christmas season is a moment of challenge to all of us. It is a celebration amidst an increase of insecurity and acute poverty.



  •  For the re-organisation of the diocese into eight archdeaconries 

  •  For the noticeable Christian maturity all over the diocese

  •  For the good rains that give hope for a good harvest

  •  For the diocesan initiatives of meeting people’s needs

  •  For the good ending of the confirmation season

  •  For the blessing of new born babies in many pastors’ families


  •  For the new archdeacons in their new responsibilities

  •  For the old people, who are now incapable of attending church services

  •  For the youth/MU trauma healing centre 

  •  For political stability 

  •  For the insecurity and the many vices which defile our nation 

  •  For the low and slow economy of our country

  •  For the implementation of peace agreement between the government and FNL, the remaining rebel movement.

  •  For a new diocesan training programme: “Focus on the Family”