Friends of Burundi

See some pictures from the past of the life of the Church in Burundi
Obituaries of some people who have contributed to the life of the Church in Burundi


Harold Adeney

Isobel Adeney details
Ruth Anderson details

Barbara Bapty

Sezi Barazitsa details

John Barrows 1931-2012 

Paul Bell details

Roger Bowen 1947-2017  details
Margaret Clayton 1909-2008 details

Yohana Gahenga - 2014  details
Eleanor Johnson 1916 - 2011 details

Jeremy Kabuye 1919 - 2011 details
Ian Leakey 1924 - 2020 details
Wendy Moynagh 1916 - 2007 details

Samuel Ndayisenga 1935-2008 details


Bert Osborn 1922 - 2016 details


Doroteya and Paulo Rutwe  details
Mary Sherratt details
Samuel Sindamuka 1928-2005 details  
Geoff Stanley-Smith 1924-2014 details
Historic Photos


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