Below are photos of our first week in the Archdeaconry of Rweza. Last week we were in Matana and then next week at Mutangaro and after that, 3 days each in Gifunzo and Bururi. Altogether we shall have met with 320 Pastors and Church Teachers!

Please continue to pray for safety in travelling and a freshness in our teaching - having done it all 2/3/4 times before! It is not often that all the pastors and church teachers can get together like this, so it is a fun time as well as a serious time!

Love and thanks from Miranda, Eularie, Pat and Pam Brooks and the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Matana!

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Arrival at Rweza! Unloading the car.

Pat Brooks teaching from 1 Timothy 
about leadership and discipleship

Archdeacon Simeoni giving out AIDS booklets

Eularie teaching on AIDS

Spes talks about living with AIDS before Archdeacon Simeoni teaches about the Cross of Christ


Pam Brooks giving out reading glasses!


Miranda Bowen teaching how to care for the sick

Laughter at a joke of Patís!


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