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August 2006

'Lord, bring Revival and begin it in ME. 

For Jesus Christ's sake. Amen'  

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  • ‘What could not God do through bands of surrendered men.  (Joe Church)
  • ‘Men ablaze are invincible.  Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees.  Fire cannot compromise.  … The Church is powerless without the Fire of the Holy Spirit.  The one vital need is fire.’  (Samuel Chadwick)
  • ‘When we agree to a total surrender to the lordship of Christ in our lives, it involves recognition of defeat, admission of powerlessness, acknowledgement of weakness and humble dependence on the mercy of God. … Lord, help me to be quiet enough and little enough and in that position by your grace, grant me power for your name’s sake!’  ( Simon Guillebaud , in For What It’s Worth: A call to no holds barred discipleship – buy his awesome book from
  • Jesus said, ‘For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake, he is the one who will save it’.  (Luke 9:24)

Supernatural power needed to bring true healing in Burundi

Overall, I had a very precious time in Burundi during June and July.   But I had a few days when I felt such a heaviness over me: I had terrible diarrhoea, feeling both weak and depressed.  There was no electricity in the evenings so I often spent a fairly miserable time alone with 1 candle and regular visits to the loo!  On top of this I felt an almost unbearable burden of the grief that the Barundi must know way more deeply than I could probably handle.  It’s hard to explain but I believe the Lord allowed me through being unwell, drained, lonely and crying out to Him for this nation, to taste the enormity of the pain here – perhaps a small share in His sufferings.  Well I have admitted defeat – acknowledging that the pain and suffering is too great and I am so small and on my own unable to do anything of significance about the enormous needs for inner healing, forgiveness and reconciliation in this troubled nation! Whilst being tempted to give up and settle for a much easier life, the Lord gave me some wonderful encouragements before leaving and confirmation that He is still calling.  I understood in a fresh way that it’s only the power of the Holy Spirit that will be sufficient to bring healing to dear Burundi .  And all that God asks of me and other Burundian brethren is a totally surrendered heart.  You may remember in Gen 18:20-32, Abraham is pleading with the Lord not to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah .  The Lord reminded me that if there were just 10 righteous people He would not destroy S&G.  There are a number of truly righteous people (because of the blood of Jesus) in Burundi and I believe that through them the Lord will indeed redeem the nation.  On the Cross, Jesus said, ‘It is finished’.  All that is needed for the tragedy of all humanity was paid for by Jesus.  Amen!  Come Lord Jesus!  Bring your wonderful healing in Burundi , for your name’s sake!

Children in IDP Camp, Karuzi

Hezroni (above with his wife Esperonse) leads churches in Tanzania and helps the Rema Team.  He shared how God protected him during the killings in ’72 and how he seeks to comfort others who are suffering.  He said we need ‘to bring the heart of God to the heart of man’.

The Repatriation Project at Makamba with Rema Ministries  

God’s blessing was truly on the Repatriation Project – it was miraculous in itself just to have so many denominations together from Burundian churches and refugee camps in Tanzania .  The issues of helping the Church in Burundi welcome back those who fled in ’72 and ’93 onwards are huge – esp. as much of the land people left has been taken by others.  It seemed a burning issue for many and wonderful that the Church is leading the way forward.  I loved sharing with the pastors each morning a message of healing and hope.  Some Tutsi pastors took out a group of Hutu pastors from the camps for a lavish meal which brought great healing.

Bringing pain to the Cross

Discussing repatriation issues

Georgette Butera took me to visit the Internally Displaced Peoples’ (IDP) camp at Karuzi.  We met and prayed with Genesite (right), with no food at all in her kitchen and only the clothes she was wearing.  She lives with her grandchildren in her tiny mud hut.
Looking back and looking forward … Thank you so much to all who’ve prayed for and supported me over this last year and this last visit.  It was a genuine privilege to return to Burundi and spend time sharing with friends there.  I particularly enjoyed teaching a session at the Anglican Theological Institute at Matana on trauma healing as well as spending time with and learning from Roger & Miranda Bowen .  I’m praising for my brother Andrew returning safely from Basra in Iraq , for deepening relationships in my family and Brockley Community Church .  My Grandma has just been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia which is a real blow for our family.  I am praying for God’s covering over my family & for a revelation of Jesus at this time.  I praise God for enabling me to pass my PGDip in Therapeutic Counselling.  I have one final year till I complete my MSc.  I hope to use my dissertation to look at the needs and most effective approaches for community healing through the Church in Burundi , looking esp. at lessons learned in Rwanda (who seem further ahead in the healing process than Burundi ).  I may then take a year to consolidate and attend some inner healing and reconciliation courses before, I trust, being able to study missiology and theology at All Nations Christian College and then heading off to Burundi long-term where I have a vision to work on a Christian, worshipping and healing team training pastoral workers from churches in prayer ministry and trauma listening.

Pray for:

·          Healing for all who are suffering in Burundi from the effects of war.

·          Increased reconciliation between Hutu and Tutsi, especially amongst Church leaders and across denominational structures.

·          More and more fully surrendered Christians in Burundi who will be available for all that the Lord wants to do through them.

·          For God to bring together and equip a mixed tribe team of Christians to train others in churches in Burundi to help in trauma healing.

·          That this next year on my MSc will be the best yet and profoundly relevant to my future work.

·          For an increase of God’s presence in my life and salvation for my family.


Could God be calling YOU to join a prayer team to Burundi for around 10 days in Spring 2008?


I believe God is calling together a team of intercessors with a passion to pray for more healing, forgiveness, reconciliation and transformation in Burundi and to help put a stop to Satan’s activities.  We would receive briefing from Burundian believers and pray with them at different strategic locations around the country.  Please be in touch with me if you would be interested in joining.

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