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For What it's Worth 

Dear Tigers,
What's it worth to follow Jesus?
How far is too far when He stretched out His arms on the cross and went that far?
Do you want the adventure of living, or would you prefer the safety of existing?
Aren't you itching for a deeper and more raw expression of following Jesus?
Aren't we meant to be be dangerous people, wide-eyed radicals, dreamers of the day?
What does radical living look like in the 21st century?  Or shall I just resign myself to a safe, sanitised, respectable middle-class Christianity?
Hmmm... So many questions... and I've tried to find some answers in a book entitled
'For What It's Worth'
(subtitle: 'A Call to No Holds Barred Discipleship')
published by Monarch, retail price £7.99. It'll be out very soon, in under a month.
It's a radical read, full of bits of the Bible, nuking quotes, crazy Burundi testimonies, and scarily inspiring stories of missionary heroes of the past - all mixed in and challenging us to buy into the same radical implications of saying ‘Jesus is Lord’.
This email is to ask two things:
1) Please buy it! Click here .......  right now to place your advanced order, there's a 10% discount going at this stage, everyone likes a Barry Bargain!

or it can be obtained by sending a cheque to

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