A letter from Simon Guillebaud, December 2005


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From: Simon Guillebaud [simon@greatlakesoutreach.org]
Sent: 17 December 2005 


Just a quikkie to say that Lizzie popped last night after many hours of huffing and puffing, and out came beautiful little Zac Rocky Guillebaud! He weighed in at 6lb11oz. Lizzie's very tender, which I am not remotely surprised about having watched her body contort and stretch in extraordinary ways. It was AMAZING to be part of such a tortuous, painful, exhilirating, scary and miraculous event, I still feel blown away about it.

We immediately dedicated Zac back to the Lord as His gift for His glory.  And now maybe we'll have to start behaving like adults!

Well, we don't want him getting used to freezing England when he's going to be living in stinking hot Burundi, so we'll be heading back ASAP, but the quickest is probably six or seven weeks away. Meantime we'll be based with Lizzie's folks in Southampton.

Anyways, here's wishing you a merry and meaningful Christmas - last night as Zac eventually splodged out in all that mess, it made me think all the more how powerful the reality of the founder of Christmas' embracing humanity was, living and dying to bring life to others... God bless you all,

Papa Zac (as I'll now be called in Burundi!)

Simon Guillebaud

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