A letter from Simon Guillebaud, November 2006


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Sent: November, 2006 

Dear Warriors,

Haven't written for a while, it's been a busy time: 

We have just said goodbye to a fantastic team of eight from South Carolina who were great fun, got stuck in, shared all over the place, slept in grim conditions, and hopefully had a deeply impacting experience for themselves as well as the positive impact on people here. 

A big prayer concern is that one of the main banks has collapsed. We had $70,000 in it for the building fund and $58,000 for our AIDS project. The government is appointing investigators and says that after two months we will know if we will get our money back. Obviously we desperately need that money, so please pray for its quick release, I would find that loss devastating, and so much key work would be prevented. I don't want it to weigh too heavily on me, as there is nothing I can do except pray. Please join me. 

I am at the heart of plans to train up pastors with regards the current rapid rise of Islam. We are bringing in a former sheikh from Tanzania who is a superb man of God, was trained in Islam at three Middle Eastern universities, has an amazing conversion story, has had umpteen attempts on his life, and is a potent tool for the gospel. It is hard to mobilise the Church here, and so please pray for effectiveness in communicating the urgency, motivating and envisioning all church leaders to address the issue, and for the practicalities such as funding, venue, who to invite etc. 

All quiet on the political front for a while. Is no news good news...? On the family front: Zac and Lizzie and I are all very healthy, which is such an answer to prayer. Z has started crawling, has teeth coming through, eats like a porker, loves kisses, laughs constantly, sleeps perfectly, is a total delight. L is persevering with her language studies and making good progress, as well as hosting a number of guests. I feel extremely blessed yet spiritually dry, working through a frustrating period and longing for greater intimacy. Big love from us, and gratitude for standing behind us. 

In Him,

Simon Guillebaud

Great Lakes Outreach

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